Diagnostic Imaging

PCI’s Diagnostic Imaging Center includes the latest equipment available for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound on an outpatient basis.  Diagnostic imaging as a non-invasive procedure has substantially replaced exploratory surgery and other invasive procedures that historically require extensive recuperation time, patient discomfort, hospital admissions, and delayed results for the physician. Few procedures in the operating room are performed today without first ordering a series of diagnostic imaging tests to target health problems, the degree of severity and determine how to clinically proceed in the most efficient and safe manner. This equipment reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation by 70% with faster procedure times and quicker test results for the doctor.

PCI latest technology equipment include:

MRI – The High Definition unit with a 1.5 tesla magnet capable of performing MR Angio graph, Breast MRi, extremities, oncologica and neurological applications.

CT – 64 slice / 3D light speed unit. Performs routine CT angiographs studies, virtual bronchoscopy orthopedic, abdominal and pelvic studies.
Nuclear Camera – Infinia high speed camera with infinite possibilities in nuclear medicine. Stress nuclear imaging , bone scans, thyroid scans hida scans are just some of the applications available. Echo cardiography.

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